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I started the blog  to share some of our elf ideas.  We've tried to use the elves as supporters of our family values, thus making the month of December and the arrival of Elf on the Shelf and the other elves not only a fun activity but a learning experience as well.

Below you'll find some of our Elf Ideas which include a variety of elves not just Elf on the Shelf.  You can see all of our Elf Ideas either at or at Elf Ideas here.

Elf Idea Random Act of KindnessElf on the shelf makes friendsElf on the Shelf Hug DayElf on the Shelf Team Work





 Using the Elves to teach our family values as a part of our Christmas Holiday Tradition seemed like such a good idea the we decides to extend the teaching of family values into the balance of the year.  We kept with the reward theme and we continued to try to keep The Christmas Web involved as an extension of the elves actions.  Here's some of our throughout the year Elv Ideas.

The Elves are Rewarding with a trip to the Beach