Santa's Helpers/ Life Lessons

 The Elves Teach Life Lessons

Elves have been coming to our home for over 22 years now, Santa's first two Helpers (Elf) first arrived in 2005, third in 2009 and a generic elf in 2011.  As our kids got older we felt that the role of the elf should and could change.  Even though they were loosing their believe in the magic of Santa and their elf, they still respected the power of the season and wanted the tradition to continue.  Our elves started to  support our Family Values and teach Life Lessons as well as provide the family with fun and entertainment.  We were surprised at the welcome reception of these new vignettes as well as the fulfilling conversations that were prompted.

I’m a retired financial advisor, I worked with successful people and I observed that most successful people share several traits.

Putting this together, the elf and life lessons, I decided to developer some Elf Idea Vignettes that would serve as a vehicle to teach my life lessons.