Santa's Grand Finale before flying back to the North Pole.

When the elves arrive at your home, shortly after Thanksgiving, they place a Magic Wand into each of your children's Christmas stockings. For the next month the elves observe who's naughty and who's nice and what is the "Special Christmas Gift" that each child wants. 

Then on Christmas Eve Santa hides your "Special Christmas Gift" where no one else can find it, at the end of The Christmas Web.  The 70 yards of colorful yard is run throughout the house around door knobs, window latches from room to room, upstairs and down, inside and out side leading to your special gift. 

Christmas morning starts at the Christmas stockings as the children rewind the yarn back on their Magic Wands to find your "Special Christmas Gift".  

Give Santa a part in your Christmas Morning Tradition

And Make Christmas Morning the most Exciting Day of The Year

It's not about Presents it's about Family



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